Jill Hall - Brown County Auditor

How often does the County Auditor update market values?

Every six (6) years the County Auditor does a field inspection of all the real estate in the county, called a revaluation.

If ordered to by the Department of Tax Equalization, the Auditor also performs an update of property values three (3) years after the six-year revaluation.

Brown County's valuation cycle is:

  • 2000 Previous Revaluation
  • 2003 Previous Update
  • 2006 Revaluation
  • 2009 Update
  • 2012 Revaluation
  • 2015 Update
  • 2018 Revaluation

Also, if a new house is built, or improvements, such as a deck, garage, porch or building addition is made to a property, the property's market value could increase annually until the improvement is completed.