Jill Hall - Brown County Auditor

Dog License

"There is more to owning a dog than food, water and an occasional brushing. You should know your responsibilities to the animal, your neighbors and the law"

Dear Brown County Dog Owner:

Your dog is a source of pride, security, and companionship to you and your family. That is one reason why licensing your dog is very important. The second reason for licensing your pet is insuring his (or her) quick return to you if he becomes lost. If your dog is wearing a license, the County can notify you of his whereabouts and hold him for you for up to 14 days. If he is not wearing a license, he can only hold him for three days.

Our State law also requires that all dogs, including service and police animals, be registered. Kennel owners must also register with the County Auditor's Office. They receive special tags for their animals.

Please call or stop by your Brown County Auditor's Office to purchase your dog's tag. We can also answer any questions you have about the licensing program.