Every six (6) years, the county Auditor does a field inspection of all the real estate in the county, called a revaluation.

If ordered to by the Department of Tax Equalization, the Auditor also performs an update of property values three (3) years after the six (6) year revaluation.

Brown County's valuation cycle is:

  • 2018 Previous Revaluation
  • 2021 Previous Update
  • 2024 Revaluation
  • 2027 Update
  • 2030 Revaluation
  • 2033 Update
  • 2036 Revaluation

Also, if a new house is built, or improvements, such as a deck, garage, porch or building addition is made to a property, the property's market value could increase annually until the improvement is completed.

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Previous year's forms can be accessed from Ohio Department of Taxation.

Notice: DTE1 must be submitted between Jan 1 and Mar 31 of any given year by Ohio Revised Code.