Assuming the market value of your home, which is your primary residence, is $100,000, your tax bill for a "1 mill" levy is calculated as shown below.


Sample of the effect of a 1.00 mill tax on a $100,000 home's tax bill


Market value of your home


Assessed value of your home (35% of $100,000)


Gross taxes of 1.00 mill ($1.00/$$1,000 assessed value)

- $3.50

* State of Ohio 10% Rollback


* State pays an additional 2.5% as an exemption for the primary residence


Net taxes for 1.00 mill levy

* If the levy is a new or replacement levy after 2013, the 10% and 2.5% rollbacks do not apply since the State of Ohio will no longer give the rebate for these levies.

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Previous year's forms can be accessed from Ohio Department of Taxation.

Notice: DTE1 must be submitted between Jan 1 and Mar 31 of any given year by Ohio Revised Code.