Jill Hall - Brown County Auditor


Until further notice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the wellbeing of the public and our staff, the Auditor office will be limiting office access.  We will be working 7:30a to 4:00p, Monday through Friday.   We ask that if you MUST visit the office in person we request you wear a mask or face covering.  Our preferred contact is by Email or phone (Contact Us) rather than an on-sight visit.  Jill Hall - Brown Co. Auditor

Important Dates

 Applications can be filed January 1st through December 31st. 

What documentation do I need to provide to prove my disability?

If you are claiming a physical disability, you must have the certificate on the back side of the application signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in Ohio. If you are claiming a mental disability, you must have the certificate signed by a physician or psychologist licensed to practice in Ohio. In order to qualify for the homestead exemption, an owner's disability must be permanent and total and prevent the person from working at any substantial employment. You may also submit a current certificate from any state or federal agency that classifies you as disabled, as defined above.

The certificate is part of the application form, DTE 105A, Homestead Exemption Application Form for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons, and Surviving Spouses.